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A fresh, seasoned and innovative company that has taken a dream and turned it into reality. We are the largest fresh chipping potato operation in the U.S., poised to trial and alter the normality of the industry.

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Ten years ago, we had a simple dream of providing quality potatoes—the ultimate farm to table experience.

As a young, hard working company with a passion for quality, our mission is to extend this passion to every aspect of our full-scale operations from multiple areas of the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on being Chip Potato and Russet Potato experts that oversee multiple full-scale operations, shipping to restaurants and stores across the country. We are the grower, the packer, and the shipper.

Chipperbec represents one family spanning six generations of potato growers that propegate, grow, and harvest our own seed. Our rigorous seed selection and historic growing processes throughout the country ensure that restauranteers can rely on our product 365 days of the year. This process ensures that our potatoes are available year-round, providing our customers with consistent supply that stands the test of time.

Today, we’re the largest fresh chipping potato and potato exporter in the country.

Our vision was born from a restaurant roundtable from the minds of chefs. We are laser-focused on the sustainability, development and improvement of our land, facilities, processes, and family.

As an extraordinary reliable brand, we want to provide the ultimate experience driven by the satisfaction of the end-user. While entrenched in that process, we will remain purposeful—guided by hard work, dedication, positivity, optimism and gratitude.

Farm to table is ingrained in our DNA through every action that we take—galvanized by what we’ve built and motivated by what we are building.

It’s all about the end result—making the customer happy and executing on our vision by delivering the highest levels of quality and service.



These potatoes are my legacy!

Jeannie GlassExecutive Culinary Director / Executive Chef - NYC, New York

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