About Chipperbec

A fresh, seasoned and innovative company that has taken a dream and turned it into reality. We are the largest fresh chipping potato operation in the U.S., poised to trial and alter the normality of the industry.

Our History

Chipperbec represents one family spanning six generations of potato growers. We are one of the only truly vertically integrated year-round programs in the country. We control the Land, Seed, Growing, Harvesting, Storage, Packing and Shipping. Today, we are the largest innovative Chipping Potato Producer and Potato exporter.

Our Mission

13 Years ago, we had a simple idea of providing quality potatoes to make the ultimate French Fry experience. We have built the expertise in Chipping and Frying Potatoes, and we want to be able to share the value in what we have to restaurants, stores, and individuals across the globe. As a strong and innovative company, we have a passion for our Potatoes. Our mission To Extend our passion to each and every consumer and provide the ultimate frying potato experience.

Our Vision

Our program was born from restaurant roundtables and the minds of Chefs. As a reliable and inventive company, we make the best potatoes for chefs. We are laser-focused on our land’s sustainability, development, and improvement as we continue to innovate. As an extraordinary reliable Family of Brands, we will remain galvanized by what we’ve built and motivated by our drive for improvement. Chipperbec pootatoes as the globally No. 1 frying potato is our vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer our most common questions for you.

Are your potatoes Kennebecs?

No, they are our own brand and select varieties of round white chipping potatoes.

What makes them a great frying potato?

They have inherently bred characteristics of

  • High Solids – dense full of solid starchy material
  • Low Moisture – will not fry out water and absorb oil
  • Low Sugar – will not burn in the fryer

Are your potatoes GMO?

No, all of our potatoes are NON-GMO and certified as such.

Can your potatoes be used in baking or mashing?

Yes, but they are not ideal. They can be used in those applications, but they take longer to cook because of the high solids and low moisture.

Would we be able to get your potatoes year-round?

Yes, with multiple growing regions and locations we can have an available supply year-round.

What is the ideal temperature to store your fresh potatoes at?

45-48° F is the most ideal temperature.

What if the potatoes are stored too cold?

The naturally occurring starch in the potato will start to convert to sugars if kept too cold (below 40° F)*, especially for lengthy periods of time.

What is the main reason behind Chef’s demand for these potatoes?

They know potatoes and once they try our potatoes, using them in the fry and chip applications they come to experience the difference.  Positive differences in performance, quality, taste, plate longevity, strength, size, shape and texture.

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