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Learn more about the Chipperbec Potatoes reliable year-round supply chain.

Pasco, WA — Growing, Packing, & Shipping
Bakersfield, CA — Headquarters / Growing, Packing, & Shipping
Center, CO — Seed Farms
Quebec, CAN — Growing, Packing, & Shipping
Los Angeles, CA — Year-Round Distribution Center
Dallas, TX — Year-Round Distribution Center


We Are

Our headquarters are based in Bakersfield, CA where the company originated. New growing and packing operations have emerged from Toronto and Quebec, CAN. All of our integrated farm operations are seed supplied by our own managed seed farm in Center, CO. As a result, a year-round supply line and distribution facilities are now available from East to West. Locations start from Los Angeles-CA, continue West into Dallas-TX.




With our diversified operations we can improve quality in agronomics, harvest, storage, and transportation. All in an effort to reduce challenges, making Chipperbec a practical and economic product that customers can rely on every week of the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer For distributors and wholesalers’ most commonly-asked questions.

Why should we choose the Chipperbec Program vs. other programs?

Because we are one of the ONLY truly vertically integrated operations in the country. We grow pack and ship all of our own potatoes year-round.

Where can we regionally get the Chipperbec Potato for our customers?

Depending on your regional area, we have many independent and broadline distributors we work with and can get you linked up with speed and accuracy.

Do you offer any programs for distributors?

ABSOLUTELY, YES. Furthermore, we would prefer it! Programs allow us to plan for supply & distribution throughout the year to keep an uninterrupted flow of supply chain.

What types of programs do you have available for supply chain challenges?

The YEAR-ROUND program is the absolute best when it comes to that. With our continuous supply chain, it makes it easier for both parties to have a year-round program.

Can you provide Chipperbec Potatoes year-round?

YES, we can. We do have some seasonal transition challenges, but overall, we can maintain supply.

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