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Set your restaurant apart with a consistent and high-performance potato.

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Quality Drive

Quality-driven restaurants distinguish themselves by offering the best possible products with consistency over time. Customers often prioritize high quality over low price. These restaurants typically charge a bit more and can afford to spend more on a higher quality potato.

Quality-driven restaurants want to serve a great product at a good price. They seek out the best possible product and can pay more for it. These restaurants can charge a premium for their offerings, as their clientele prioritizes quality versus paying the lowest possible price.

Value Added

Value-driven restaurants want to serve a good product at a great price. Their clientele wants value but doesn’t necessarily want to pay a premium. The variety of CHIPPERBEC potato programs that we have to offer can give both quality and value to a restaurant’s value driven plan.

Designed for Performance

Cost Efficiency

Cost is crucial to the decision-making process, but must be balanced by quality, consistency, and performance. Why is cost such a dominant factor? In restaurants that sell French fries, they are usually the category sales leader. As such, they must be high profit. Profitability relies on obtaining not only a consistent price, but a consistent potato. The consistency of the potato will give the performance the kitchen needs to maintain the ultimate fry, day in and day out.

Performance Programs

If a restaurant serves 50 guests per night, fresh cut might be perfectly sustainable. If the same restaurant triples their volume, they may need to choose the more efficient frozen product.  Either way, we can provide a true value added product in either the Fresh or Frozen space.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer restaurant’s most commonly-asked questions.

Why would we choose to go with Chipperbec vs. other multi-use potatoes?

If you have fries or chips on the menu, these spuds are a must for performance and value.

Why should we bring in another potato just for fries?

Because day in and day out they will be consistent in taste, performance and beauty!

What other value-added items would be good for our restaurant concepts?

Not only are our Chipperbec Craft Frozen French Fries a high performing and delicious tasting product, they are crafted from our very own fresh Chipperbec Potatoes.

Do you offer any other services vs. providing just potatoes?

As a matter of fact, we do! We consult with restaurants and restaurant groups that may be struggling with potatoes for fries and chips, educating them on the benefits of the right kind of potato for their applications as well as demonstrate precisely what we talk about!

Would you be willing to come and visit us and provide some support in new store openings?

ABOLUTELY. Once we lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship, we’d be more than happy to come out and be the face behind the Chipperbec name.

Do you provide your potatoes in different regions?

YES, we do. We grow Chipperbec Potatoes in many different regions throughout the U.S. and also have many forward distribution points and distributors we work with.

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