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Learn why Chipperbec Potatoes are the best chipping and frying potato as well as what type of potato you’ll want to order that best servers your kitchen.

Properties of the Best Chipping and
Frying Potato

Taste & Texture

The Potato cooks up crisp on the outside, fluffy inside, earthy flavor.

Size & Shape

Appropriateness for final application (skinny, waffle cut, steak fry).


Lack of blemishes and fresh. Absence of damage, rot, greening, sprouts, etc.—especially if stored properly.


Performance is reliable through the year, with no noticeable difference from new potatoes to storage potatoes, or different growing regions.

Fresh vs Frozen

If a restaurant serves 50 guests per night, fresh cut might be perfectly sustainable. If the same restaurant triples their volume, they may need to choose the more efficient frozen product.


We know that labor cost per portion can easily exceed the cost of the raw material. Potatoes are relatively inexpensive but require considerable processing.

Steps involved in taking fresh potatoes to the plate:

  • Wash/cut whole potatoes
  • Rinse/Soak/Drain
  • Blanch
  • Cool
  • Contain/Portion for final cook


Costs are the inverse of fresh. Frozen product has a much higher COGS, but requires no processing labor. The cook must simply open the bag, cook, and serve. In addition to reducing labor, frozen products can help a restaurant maintain low overhead.

* Serving frozen fries vs. fresh cut requires less space and equipment.

Fresh vs Frozen

We answer chef’s commonly-asked questions for you.

Why would I choose to use a Chipperbec vs. a standard Russet Potato?

The Chipperbec is actually grown specifically for Chips and Fries with characteristics that make it the absolute BEST for those applications.

Why are the Chipperbec’s better for house made chips and fries?

Because they have low moisture, low sugar, and high solids; creating the perfect combinations to make the best tasting, best looking and best performing fries and chips.

What is the most desired prep and fry method I can incorporate into my kitchen?

Wash, Rinse, Cut, Blanch at high temp for short time, cool and fry at normal frying temps for 3-4 minutes.

What kind of added value will these provide to my restaurant and my menu?

There is no other potato that out-performs the Chipperbec when it comes to fries, and they do that consistently throughout the year!

What other value-added products do you offer that would help my kitchen?

With labor and cost challenges, we have developed our own brand of craft frozen fries made distinctly from the Chipperbec Potato!

Are there any COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) data for comparisons in the Fresh vs. Frozen?

YES, and they do show that overall COGS is slightly better with Frozen, due to overall cost, time, and labor savings, especially in the current climate.

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