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The hype is real. See why our potatoes are all the rave.

Why Chipperbec

The Chipperbec Potato is the potato that chefs demand! It’s the one potato that can consistently outperform any other potato variety present in the market day in and day out.

Important Characteristics

The Chipperbec Potato possesses some of the most unique characteristics that make it the perfect frying potato.

  • High Solids – It is a very dense and starchy potato.
  • Low Moisture – With low moisture, the Chipperbec will not re-absorb oil once fried. It will retain a light fluffy mashed potato essence inside.
  • Low Sugar – The potatoes will not hit the fryer and burn. What happens when a high sugar potato hits the fryer? It burns that sugar and turns black or dark brown.

Best Frying Techniques

The Quick Start prep process for the Fresh Chipperbec Potato:

Chipperbec fry process – 3/8″

1. Using a fry punch with 3/8″ blade, cut fries into a clean sink filled with cold running water. Rinse & agitate until water runs clear. Contain fries, fully submerged in water. Refrigerate overnight, or up to 48 hours. This removes excess starch & prevents discoloration.

2. The cold soaking also helps the potato firm up and reduces breakage from handling.

3. Load the soaked fries into fryer baskets. Do not overcrowd. Drain well before blanching. Deep fry ~4 minutes at 325F. Potatoes will be cooked but should not take on any color at this point. Drain well. Let oil come back to temperature before starting a new batch.

4. Spread fries onto a parchment-lined sheet pan and cool in walk-in before containing or portioning. If they are crumbling, they have been cooked too long. They should be cooked, but still flexible.

NOTE: You can cook longer at a lower temperature to drive more moisture out of the potato if desired. This gives an extra fluffy interior but is more time/labor intensive.

5. Heat fryer to 375-400F. Fry 2.5 – 3.5 minutes until the exterior is golden & crispy, and the interior is light and fluffy.

6. Drain well. Season with fine salt, tossing in a metal bowl. When properly cooked the fries will make a ringing sound as they hit the bowl. “Shling!” Wipe the bowl between uses to avoid salt build-up/uneven seasoning.

7. When doing high volume, 400F is more consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer chef’s most commonly-asked questions.

What makes the Chipperbec a standout and the most preferred potato for fries and chips?

It has that real natural potato flavor and low sugar—NOT an earthy tone, not a bland flavor, but true POTATO.

Why should I try fries made from Chipperbec Potatoes?

Because they are truly an experience. The flavor, the crunchy outside and fluffy inside make them a true comfort food!

Do they really do that well in terms of taste vs. some other potatoes?

YES. They have a true potato flavor and especially when fried in some delectably different oils, it can bring a whole new experience to potato taste.

Do they taste like dirt?

NO, they actually have a natural fluffy mashed potato taste!

Where is the best place, I can taste them near me?

Our Chipperbec Potatoes and Chipperbec Craft Frozen Fries are available throughout many locations across the country. Reach out to us and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction!

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