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Come along with us as we journey “Into the FRY”.  A new segment on the all NEW CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fries.
We’ve been on a roller coaster ride these last few months, but we started at the beginning of the year with just a concept.  You know, those spaghetti on the wall or writing on the napkin ideas?  We looked at a few different facets of the industry and discovered that the market was in need of something new, different, innovative and crafty.  As well that there was no middle ground.  There are the LARGE market, mass producers and the high end in-house products, but no real unique craft products in between!  What better way to utilize the innate characteristics and properties of our own CHIPPERBEC potatoes, than to make some craft frozen fries?

Fast forward to today where we have an really great craft made unique product.  Furthermore, a highly recognizable company family brand, an eye catching carton (sneak peak here)* and most importantly what has been tested as a superior product!  Not only is it simple in the process, but in the ingredients and the finished product as well.  It’s simply POTATOES and Non GMO Oil!  (and we wouldn’t have any other product than the original CHIPPERBEC potato!!)*  Stay tuned for more info as we’ll show a glimpse into the journey.

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