Here we’ll discuss in more depth more challenges as they relate to bruising in the Chipperbec spuds.  Hidden challenges when it comes to potato bruising are by far the most daunting.

For obvious reasons they are the ones we have to discover by looking at the outcomes of actual bruise percentages.  However, we are driven by the success of the program and it dictates we continue to find ways to lessen the amounts of bruising in the potatoes.

What are we referring to?  The potatoes, as they run through our packing facility go through quite a few steps and pieces of machinery to finally get into either a 50 lb. corrugated box or a Super Sack (giant 2500 lb. Mesh Sling Bag)*.  Not all of those steps we can clearly see, nor can we see what the potato does as it travels through them.  Hence why we consider them “hidden”.

What do we do about it?  We observe each step and figure out where we can reduce the amount of G-Force impact the potato has on each point during that step.

What do we do it with?  We watch the steps and the drop points as the potatoes run through the line and see if they are too far of a drop or too much of an impact.  If we need to add padding or rubber belt material to help with step downs, we implement that right away.  If there is still significant bruising, we have to dig deeper.

Stay tuned for the “Deeper Dig” as we talk about what we use to find out more on what shapes the processes of Operation Bruise Free.

In Spuds we trust….

Team Chipper

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