Welcome to a quick 3 Part Series on suggestions for preparing our NEW CHIPPERBEC Frozen French Fry! We’re extremely proud of this product and how it is performing to date so we hope you get as much out of this as we have. Super easy preparation, simple ingredient deck, simple process, no additives, no preservatives….JUST POTATOES & OIL.

Part I: Oil Frying

*(the most popular form of preparation)*

Deep fryer:

1. Make sure the oil is pre-heated to between 375-400F

2. Take fries directly from the freezer and put needed amount in the pre-heated oil.

3. Fry for 3-3.5 minutes or until your desired color is reached

4. Canola oil is good, but if no one in your household is allergic, peanut oil would be the primary choice.

NOTE: Use the fries straight from the freezer- don’t thaw!

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