Welcome back! This is Part 2 in the quick 3 Part Series on suggestions for preparing our NEW CHIPPERBEC Frozen French Fry! This one in particular is the AIR FRYER!
We’re extremely proud of this product and how it is performing to date in all of it’s applications, so we hope you get as much value out of this as we have. Super easy preparation, simple ingredient deck, simple process, no additives, no preservatives….JUST POTATOES & HEAT!

Part 2
*(the new “up and comer!”)*
Air Fryer:
1. Turn on the Air Fryer and set 400°F
2. Set timer for ~17 minutes (a few more minutes won’t hurt them.
3. Take fries directly from the freezer and put the max amount in the fry basket (depending on model)*
4. Wait for the timer to finish the complete 17+ minutes
**NOTE** : Use the fries straight from the freezer-

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