It’s FRYDAY and you get the ultimate TWO-FER…..

We couldn’t wait to put out the finish! This is Part 3 in the quick 3 Part Series on suggestions for preparing our NEW CHIPPERBEC Frozen French Fry!
Here we finish with the OVEN BAKE!
As we’ve seen, the fries continue to outperform all of our expectations. Super easy preparation, simple ingredient deck, simple process, no additives, no preservatives….JUST POTATOES & HEAT!

Part 3
1. Turn on the Oven to BAKE and set temp to 400°F
2. MAKE sure the over is fully PRE-HEATED before cooking
3. Cook the fries on a sheet pan
4. You can use Parchment Paper to help keep them from sticking to the sheet pan and it can also help absorb a little bit of the excess oil, IF there happens to be any
5. Make sure NOT to CROWD the fries or they could have the potential not to fully cook.
6. Use the rack closest to the top for the extra crispy texture or one of the middle racks for normal crispy.
7. IF you’d like a little extra crisp, use cooking spray before starting
8. Check around 15 minutes – The cook time should be very similar to the air fryer (~17+ minutes)*
**NOTE** : Use the fries straight from the freezer-

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