A common question we get is: How do you maintain the year-round supply?

In an effort to be as efficient as possible when it comes to supply chain, we make sure we have product when the customer needs it. In light of that particular question, wanted to provide the insight on what versatility it takes to make it happen.   It’s taken us many years, a lot of hard work, teamwork, expertise, experience and knowledge. Especially that from our “Extreme Potato Team”, our Allied Potato family.   Here’s what goes into it….


Each of our growing areas are fed with the same blend of our own propagated seed. We grow proprietary seed varieties for the best combination of characteristics low sugar, low moisture & high solids for ALL of our growing areas.


All of our farms have strict guidelines to follow for all of our proprietary growing and storage practices.


Our farms have similar soil conditions and favorable weather patterns that enable us to give continuity to our program.


As we transition from area to area, our diverse supply chain and areas of availability allow us to maintain year-round supply.


With our own propagated seed, our stringent agronomic guidelines, similar area growing conditions and tight knit farming family we are able to maintain the same product from each area. That without interruption in supply, quality and consistency.

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