After reading an article recently I realized that there are some very differing opinions and even misconceptions when it comes to the ‘Chipping’ Potato and it’s versatility. Especially when it comes to making fresh cut French Fries.

Fresh Cut French Fries are the top side of choice and it’s important to highlight what primary characteristics make up the best Potato for fresh cut fries.

This is purely in the interest of value and education and we want to make sure that there is as much consumer information available as possible so we’ll discuss purely facts.

This will be a quick 5 part Series and will address the Top 5 facts regarding the Chipping variety potato and in particular our CHIPPERBEC Potato….Those that are used by our customers to make Fresh Cut French Fries and Chips.

Fact #1
The Chipping potato and our CHIPPERBEC Potato in particular is high in specific gravity….also referred to as high solids. High solids or High specific gravity means that the potatoes are a very solid and dense potato.

As a primary benefit, the potato yield is very high from the field and as well, the solid starchy matter is high. That which makes up the fluffy internal part of a fry once its cooked (or fried)*!

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