Part 2 of the 5 part series on the top 5 facts regarding the Chipping Potatoes that we grow (AKA the CHIPPERBEC Potato)* and in turn what our customers use to make Fresh Cut French fries.

Our seed farm provides us a unique advantage in that we can provide our growers with seed security.
Seed security means that we don’t have to rely on any outside seed sources to supply all of our own farms.

As a result, we can select for certain characteristics that help our program succeed. Those characteristics that set it apart from a Russet or Yellow Potato.

Fact #2

The Chipping potato and our CHIPPERBEC Potato in particular is low in moisture.

The level of moisture compared to the level of solids or specific gravity is exceptionally low compared to that of other varieties including Russets and Yellows.

When it comes to Fresh cut French fries, the ideal potato is one that is low in moisture and accompanied by high solids. That to ensure that there is less moisture loss when frying and more importantly less oil absorption once that moisture evaporates out!

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