Part 3 in the 5 Part series regarding the Top 5 Facts on Chipping or Chipper varieties used for Fresh Cut French fries.

We grow these types of Chipping potatoes (E.g. the CHIPPERBEC potato)* for 2 main applications. Chips and Fries. They are unique, however, in the fact that they are versatile in characteristics (they can fry and they can mash)*. They are distinctive to us, because we grow them specifically to match the needs of our customers and the uses they have for them.

Fact #3

The Chipping or Chipper Potato is low in sugar.

With the variety selection and breeding program (explicitly NON GMO)* we have on our seed farm complimented with the growing / farming operations….it allows us to grow, pack and ship them with low sugar levels.

The primary benefit of low sugar…..NO BURN. No burn in the fryers, no burn in the chip plants. That means no dark / brown fries and no dark chips.

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