Part 4 in the 5 part series regarding the Top 5 facts on Chipping or Chipper varieties used for fresh cut French fries.

In and amongst the many steps a potato has to go through from the start of growth to the finished product, it is susceptible to many challenges. One such challenge is bruising.

Fact #4

The Chipping or Chipper potato does not bruise easily.

Potatoes of all varieties, unless genetically modified, are susceptible in most scenarios to some form of bruising. Those factors that play heavily into that are; harvest, storage, packing and shipping. POINT OF FACT: Our Chipping Potato varieties are NOT GENETICALLY MODIFIED at all in any way shape or form.

Because the Chipping varieties are grown for high solids or high specific gravities and they are very dense, they are more susceptible to mechanical damage versus that of bruising. If properly cared for in all of their processes they can actually maintain less bruising that most other varieties.

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