FINAL part in the 5 part series regarding the Top 5 facts on Chipping Potatoes and our CHIPPERBEC Potato varieties used for fresh cut French fries.

We’ve been growing the Chipping Potatoes for 6 generations and it has allowed us to gain a multitude of experience in all facets of the process. In fact, our customers vehemently require us to have the knowledge and understanding of these potatoes inside and out.

Fact #5

The Chipping or Chipper potato is susceptible to greening.

Because of the intricate nature of the potato and the requirements of our customers, we have to pay particularly close attention to detail. One in particular is greening and it is fact, they are susceptible, but it CAN BE PREVENTED! In fact we go out of our way to ensure there is very little greening if any in our potato storages.

One very important customer requirement is protecting the potatoes from exposure to light during the growing, storage, packing and shipping processes. Therefore, when a potato, in any variety, is exposed to prolonged periods of light, it will green.

What sets us apart and what allows us to maintain year-round consistent quality and supply is the fact we protect our potatoes while maintaining MINIMAL greening.

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