Our NEW Summer crop is very important to us and it’s equally important that we share some information about what we do to get them to market.

This quick 2 Part video series depicts some of the steps we take to get our spuds harvested and packed. This is the 1st of 2 and this field in particular is one of many that we are in day to day and harvested “Green”.

What we mean is…..The potatoes aren’t green, but the plants are. That doesn’t mean that the potatoes aren’t mature, because they are, but it’s only because there is still plant foliage above ground. It is at the end of it’s life and will no longer put much toward the growth of the tuber under the soil. We wouldn’t harvest if we didn’t they were ready and we didn’t really need to give the plants any more nutrition to put toward the tuber.

The skin isn’t 100% fully set, but it is enough to dig, pre-cool and pack so we have good supplies for our mid-west and western markets in need of re-supply after the end of our storage season.

The weather was good and so was the test dig.

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