Part 2 of the short 2 Part series on our NEW Crop Summer potatoes.

In this video we wanted to get more skin set on the spuds, so we took down the foliage and listed up the rows with extra dirt.

By listing, we mean we cover up the spuds and what little amounts of plant are left above ground, and let them sit for in the range of 21+days. That to make sure that the skin dries, matures and “sets” on the potato.

The dirt helps provide a number of protection elements. It helps keep them cool out of the warm summertime sun. It also helps protect them from sun burn. When they get exposed to too much light and heat they will actually turn green and some even will get a true sunburn.

The spuds we dug were exceptional and will have set for another 5-6 days beyond this video before being dug, transported and pre-cooled prior to packing.

Another great day in the fields looking at our California “GOLD”.

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