I read a few things today that triggered some thoughts on what we do as a company. However, I thought that it may be good to break it up into a 3 short pieces as well as open it up for discussion.

I. Bringing “niche” to your company and products.
II. Being more consumer-centric
III. Increasing self-awareness

All of these I believe are important to a company, especially ours as well as the same for an individual.

If you disagree, that’s ok and the value of your feedback is genuinely important for a solid discussion.

I. Bringing “niche” to your company and products.

The great thing about Allied Potato as a company is that we are already very “niche” in what we do and it leads to the strength of where we are today. We grow potatoes specifically for Chips and Fries and we have expertise from generations of experience and knowledge.

As an Allied Potato company, CHIPPER Inc., with it’s CHIPPERBEC Fresh Brand and now the CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fries, we’ve stayed true to our place, position and role of continuing to develop the best products for the consumer.

Not only do we grow the fresh potatoes for year-round supply, quality and performance but we are truly vertically integrated where we don’t have to rely on any outside sources to produce all of our finished products.

By design we are that type of company already, but it could be beneficial to bring “some” niche focus to a company or even just a brand as it related to the business and products.

* Is there still a need for a diverse portfolio of products and services….? YES
* Are we innovating beyond these products….? YES (good news still to come)*
* Can “niche” still be brought to a company with a broad spectrum of products and services….? ABSOLUTELY – It can take the shape of a product OR service!
* Isn’t “niche” somewhat of a misnomer or phrase too commonly used….? It can be YES in some instances but the term does describe for US….the ability to have narrowed our focus and become experts in what we do.

Please feel free to jump in….the water is fine.

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