Part II of the 3 thought series….no title, just perspective on being more consumer-centric. It’s not a new concept, nor a new phrase, or even a new strategy.

None of this is new for everyone….but bear with me.

The Consumer – The person that purchases goods and services for personal use. This is the person that is directly responsible for our success as a company. They directly purchase goods and services for personal use.
Centric – In or at the center of…

Consumer-centric is a term that I have heard a lot from some content I’ve consumed over the past 5+ years and I’ve come to realize how important it is to be just that. Even though it is not a new concept….the message behind it remains relevant today as much as it ever has. Being at the center of the consumers attention….

In our case, and as an example, it’s as simple as the end product….
A French Fry. However, it isn’t just any French Fry nor is it any ordinary process. There is complexity behind it, because it has to go through many steps to get to that final state. So it is not just US that contributes to the drive for the consumer to purchase, but ALL of our partnerships along the route to said French Fry.

The consumer and the consumer’s attention is paramount in acquiring new business, retaining current business and transcending transactional business into long-term partnerships. Furthermore, to remain relevant each and every day in the mind of the consumer.

We try to accomplish those business goals, by staying aligned with our vision, keeping true to our story and remaining innovative. Thus allowing to grow / scale our business and at the same time never leaving the path of authenticity.

So what does that mean for us? We will continue to strive to be better so that we can keep the consumer coming back time and again for the best frying and chipping potato the country has to offer.

What does that mean to you? You can interpret this many ways and it will have different applications for many types of business, but ultimately the consumer is what drives a business’s success.


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