DISCOVERY…..The fruitful results from research and development. OR Trial and error (in this case….read on)*

Research and development can come in many forms, but what we’ve found is that we learn by doing. It can also come in the form of failure by doing, but it’s what you do with that failure that determines the outcome of your discovery.

We’ve been featuring the Chipper, Inc. CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fry at events across the country in the last 6 Months.

In particular and more recently, we featured them at a regional event that happened to be in a cold temp environment. Early on, we had decided as part of a promotion and door prize giveaway to use 2 – Countertop Air Fryers to prepare our fries in and we rolled with it.

Quick snapshot of what happened and how we failed:
* The fries did NOT hold temp 🌡
* The fries did not hold crunch 🍟
* The fries did not cook evenly in each air fryer batch 🍽

Did that stop 🛑 us….NO! We kept on trying higher temps, smaller batches and slightly longer cook times.
Did it take longer? YES
Did the people still like the fries….YES

Failure in this instance provided us insight into how we prepare for the next event….or “discovery”.

So….what did we learn or discover:
✅ Our fries do best in a traditional oil fryer
✅ When showcasing our fries, oil frying produces the best performance, taste, temperature and crunch
✅ Air Fryers are best in a home / countertop scenario
✅ DO NOT give up, but keep trying different things to help make a challenging situation work.

What has been your discovery moment in the last 6 months?
👉 We’ve had many learning scenarios in the last 2 years but thought this one would be worthy of today.


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