Last week was extremely busy and I noticed I hadn’t finished up the 3 Part series.

The first part was – Bringing “niche” to your company and products. The second part was – Being more consumer-centric and….here’s the third – Increasing Self-Awareness.

By definition it’s the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires.

The practice of self-awareness is about learning to better understand why you feel the way you feel and why you behave / react in a particular way. Having this type of awareness gives you the opportunity AND freedom to change things about yourself. Thus enabling you to create a life that YOU want.

So….What does that mean for you? Again, this is not a new concept nor is it something that is only present day. It is and always has been something that we either have possessed or if not….then we can possess by re-evaluating yourself, your thought processes and how different things affect you. It just means that you “can” make a decision to become more self-aware and change if you’re not happy.

The power of self-awareness has many outcomes as it relates to happiness and this is what I really wanted to share some thoughts on. Especially when it comes to opinions and judgements.

For SO long, I was always so concerned about the opinions and judgements of others, it utterly consumed me. There were situations where it not only affected the personal relationships I had early in life but the business environments that I worked in even while young.

I made the conscious decision to take a look at myself and find out why. I made the choice to increase my self-awareness.
What does that mean to me? It meant that I relied less on what people thought of me and more about what made me happy.

Like that old John Denver song Rocky Mountain High lyric goes….
“Talk to God and listen to the casual reply”.

I did, it has a profound affect on me and bottom line I’m happier…..That was MY self-awareness increase.

What is your definition of self-awareness? I’d love to hear it.

(wade in, the water’s nice….)*

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