Measuring the success of our CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fries also means that we have to be subjected to analysis in many areas.

One of those areas that is very important and equally scrutinized is texture.


It can include many things but after the last 2 years we’ve narrowed it down to a few key aspects:

πŸ‘‰ Exterior Crunch / Rigidity

πŸ‘‰ Crunch Hold

πŸ‘‰ Internal material

βœ” Exterior crunch is extremely important, but the outcome can be determined and affected by different cooking and prep methods including oils, fry times and fry temperatures. With the CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fries and our simple process, it doesn’t take long to achieve good crunch and that perfect exterior crispness

βœ” Crunch hold is even more important because once fries sit after the final fry process, they can lose crunch. Our fries have the ability, even under heat lamps or in to-go containers to maintain longevity in crunch.

βœ” Internal material is one of the most important aspects of our fries that makes them a differentiator product. Not only do they hold crunch, but they maintain that fluffy, internal mashed potato goodness typically lost or fried out in other products.

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