The success of the CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen Fries has come in many forms. The most important of those successes is measured in a 3 main categories. TASTE, TEXTURE and PERFORMANCE.

A common question in response to this: Don’t tangible measurements such as volume, scale and overall yield mainly define the success of your product?

Those absolutely are PART of the measurement….but it’s not just those numbers that define our success.

We’ve taken the last 2 years worth of work, study, testing, sampling, research and development and would like to touch on all 3 of those other aspects individually and provide some of the information behind what makes the CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen French Fries so good.

That where they are a preferred French Fry when it comes to concepts from fast casual to high-end white tablecloth restaurants.


The first question we ask is:

“What is the first thing you taste when you bite into the fry”


* Not added sugar

* Not cooking oil

* Not added flavoring


But how do you get that? With our simple process and of course, our own CHIPPERBEC Fresh Potatoes as the main ingredient, that’s exactly what we strive for…..that pure potato flavor.

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