Is success measured by performance? YES
Is it the ONLY measurement or metric for the basis of the consumer liking your product? NO
A very important measurement or gauge for us on the success of our product is it’s performance. But how do we do that?
We’ve talked about 2 of the top three categories in which we can tangibly measure how our product is viewed and how successful it has become. In order for the CHIPPERBEC Craft Frozen Fry to thrive in some of the most intense restaurant kitchen scenarios they have to perform.
III. Performance
As the sort of “mad scientists”, we’ve put our fries through some of the most extreme stress tests:
πŸ”₯ Extreme Oil temperatures
πŸ₯΅ Extreme heat
❄ Extreme cold
⌚ Length of time in a freezer and cook times
🍟 Slacking (or thawing out)*
πŸ”ͺ Different cooking methods (oven, air-fryer, oil)*
πŸ›‹ Heat Lamps
This, and more, is done in order to make sure that they perform in any kitchen and in any situation they are put in.
We also accomplish this WITHOUT adding any added sugar, flavor, seasoning or preservative.
ALL with a very simple process and even cleaner ingredient deck? YES, because we have the CHIPPERBEC Potato that gives us that ability.
Do we use these 3 main categories as the only measurements or metrics of success? NO, but they are what we feel as the most important.
Stay tuned as we’re going to highlight more testing and analysis of how our products perform.
Feel free to comment, pose a question or share a story and we’d love to talk more about it.

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