Fresh Cut vs. Frozen Pt. 3

Considering frozen products vs. fresh from the labor & processing cost perspective.

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Fresh vs. Frozen & Other Considerations

Storage Space

  • Does the outlet have more dry storage & refrigeration for fresh, or freezers for frozen?


  • Processing fresh potatoes requires considerable work space & equipment (fryers, racks, trays, sinks, containers).

Delivery Schedule

  • How many days/week does the restaurant receive deliveries from the produce vendor or broadliner? Is one choice more practical than the other?

Pricing Potential

  • How much will the market bear? Should the restaurant go fresh?

Labor Market

  • If hourly wages are high (major cities, union houses) restaurants may choose frozen.


  • Upscale restaurants may boast “never frozen” while a fast casual concept needs to keep labor lean.


  • If a restaurant serves 50 guests per night, fresh cut might be perfectly sustainable. If the same restaurant triples their volume, they may need to choose the more efficient frozen product.
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