How Potential Problems May Affect Chef's Decisions - Pt. 1

History of Chipperbecs and how it compares to other potatoes.

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External Problems

Inconsistent product quality

  • Chefs must switch to a new product or seek out a vendor that carries the desired product. Chefs may compensate in-house with adjusted cooking times, or by hand-sorting potatoes. This can lead to added labor, waste, and stress!

Supply Chain Problems/Seasonal Disruption

  • Chefs must scramble to locate product. If the product is subject to frequent disruptions, chefs will seek another solution.

Vendor Issues

  • Mismanagement on the vendor side can result in poor inventory control (leading to shorts or substitutions), or delivery disruptions. The chef may seek out a new vendor if problems persist.

Price Fluctuations

  • Restaurants must raise prices or accept a lower profit margin on sales.
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