Improving Overall COGS - Pt. 2

How to increase profitability and improve overall COGS with Chipperbec Potatoes.

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How Chipperbec can help streamline prep/labor to increase profitability vs. other products

Fresh Cut Whole Potatoes

  • Control for potato size results in higher yield & lower labor (no need to sort or trim potatoes in the kitchen). This process ensures high quality to reduce product waste.

Pre-Cut & Soaked Fries

  • Chefs can eliminate hours of labor vs. cutting & soaking in house. This intermediate step between whole potatoes & frozen fries still requires considerable labor (blanching, cooling, & portioning). Where space & equipment are limited, pre-cut provides a strong option. Pre-cut potatoes are an excellent resource for high-volume outlets where COGS is less of a concern, for example banquets or catering.

Frozen Fries

  • This option provides maximum labor savings but much higher COGS and is best for quick service restaurants & small spaces.
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