Improving Overall COGS - Pt. 1

How to increase profitability and improve overall COGS with Chipperbec Potatoes.

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How Chipperbec can improve overall COGS vs. simply reducing price of the raw material

Inconsistent product quality

  • Chefs must switch to a new product or seek out a vendor that carries the desired product. Chefs may compensate in-house with adjusted cooking times, or by hand-sorting potatoes. This can lead to added labor, waste, and stress!

Supply Chain Problems/Seasonal Disruption

  • Chefs must scramble to locate product. If the product is subject to frequent disruptions, chefs will seek another solution.

Improve Consistency Year-Round

  • When quality drops due to seasonal changes, chefs must adjust processing to compensate for variations in starch content. During the adjustment period they may experience higher waste.

Graded/Sorted Potatoes
Irregular sizing increases waste.

  • Too large: Potatoes are too wide to fit in the fry cutter. This leads to product loss (discarding potatoes or smashed edges that cannot be served).
  • Too small: restaurants may discard too small potatoes. Small potatoes do not fill the serving vessel as well as large potatoes. Restaurants compensate by adding more fries to fill the container.

Eliminate Damage

  • Blemishes, scarring, or bruising increase waste in the kitchen. In addition, damaged product requires more labor to sort damaged potatoes.
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